Rubio Monocoat Oil

RUBIO Monocoat Oil

The ultimate wood protection based on molecular bonding.

Rubio Monocoat is the go-to brand when it comes to the high quality and environmentally friendly protection of wood. The advanced technology of molecular bonding on which Rubio Monocoat is based makes the oil not only durable but also extremely economical and user friendly.

Rubio Example

RUBIO Monocoat Oil

The Rubio Monocoat Oil adheres - within a couple of minutes - to the upper microns in the wood by a strong molecular bonding (no film forming, no saturation). This unique technology means that there can be no overlaps when applying this product because once all the cellulose fibres have already bonded with the Monocoat surplus will no longer be accepted and will just sit on the surface. This avoids overlaps or starting marks and has set Rubio Monocoat apart from other wood protection products for many years.

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  • Film forming
  • Multiple layers (sanding)
  • Unrepairable
  • No natural feel

Traditional Waxes & Oils

  • Saturation
  • Multiple Layers
  • Hard to repair (overlaps)
  • Intensive maintenence

Rubio Monocoat Oil

  • Molecular bonding (no overlaps)
  • Single layer
  • Easy maintenance
  • Natural look and feel


  • Durable protection
  • One single layer
  • No overlaps
  • Easy to maintain
  • Natural ingredients
  • Unique colours
  • All wood types



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