Centor E2 Folding Door System

Centor E2 Folding Door System Top hung | 60kg per panel | 1100mm max panel width


Key Features
Centor E2 - the system that started the folding revolution - is a folding door hardware system for individual door panels up to a maximum of 60kg. E2 still offers all of the space-creating benefits of the larger E series systems in a refined yet economical package. Available in a range of finishes, E2 is the smart choice for matching hardware to a range of residential & light commercial applications.


Creating Space
Both functional and stylish, the Centor E2 system offers flexibility and ease when dividing or opening up space within residential or commercial applications. Centor folding systems can be used inside and out allowing views and rooms to be accessed at a moments notice. The doors are able to be opened either inward or outward, with odd or even numbers of panels in any configuration, leaving no interruptions from posts or fixed glass panels.


High Performance
Designed to ensure an effective weatherproof barrier against the harshest conditions, Centor E2 is truly a system for all seasons and all locations. Achieving superior rain and wind resistance, in part, from the way the door


Unparalleled Security
In an increasingly security conscious market place, Centor E2 system design, system features and Centor dropbolts combine as an effective security barrier in all door con?gurations designed to ensure unwanted visitors are excluded - as well as the elements.


In addition to extensive weather testing as part of complete door systems, all individual E2 components have been extensively laboratory tested, ensuring years of trouble-free enjoyment from the hardware.

Key Technical Details
Max Panel Weight: 60kg
Max Panel Height: 3000mm
Max Panel Width: 1100mm
Min Panel Thickness: 35mm
Max No. Panels: 16 (8 left, 8 right)
Max Opening Width: 16m
Finishes (Hardware): SSS, PVD Brass and Natural (Milled)
Finishes (Sill): Natural (Milled)
Finishes (Tracks): Natural (Milled) and Gold Anodised

Centor E2 Folding Door System

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