Mortice Sashlocks

Mortice sashlocks are commonly used door locks which feature extensively in external access points and doors. Available in different levels of security specification with 3 lever, 5 lever and Euro profile options, these locks come in a variety of different finishes to suit a wide range of applications. Typically, mortice locks are installed on the inside of doors and provide an increased level of security for each lever number; for instance, a 5 lever mortice sashlock is harder to pick than a 3 lever mortice sashlock.

Many insurance providers insist on a minimum security level of mortice sashlock before quoting on a premises, usually requesting 5 lever mortice locks for domestic and commercial properties, in line with Home Office recommendations. Our range of mortice sashlocks are manufactured to meet the required British Standards specifications and are supplied in a choice of sizes and finishes to suit your requirements.


Mortice Sashlocks

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