Centor E3 Folding Door System

Centor E3 Folding Door System Top hung | 115kg per panel | 1200mm max panel width

Key Features
Centor E3 is a medium-heavy folding door hardware system for door panels to 115kg – Centor’s solution to creating truly seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Imagine The Possibilities
Centor E3 folding doors promise unprecedented insulation against noise and temperature combined with the functionality of effortless reveals of wide open spaces – with no fixed glass panels or posts.

‘Centor-Grade’ Performance
The ability to utilise even sturdier door construction and the extra weight of doubleglazing, E3-based folding doors promise interior comfort, operational functionality and durability through painstaking attention to detail and an unerring commitment to quality. Doors using the E3 system achieve superior rain and wind resistance, and effectively resists air infiltration to a level up to 50 times better than conventional sliding doors.

Effortless Operation
Centor is renowned for effortless operation, even as panel weight increases, making E3 the perfect way to utilise folding technology, even in the toughest conditions.

Proven Durability
Centor ensures their products meet the highest standards of durability. For instance Centor E3 passed all tests required for product approval from Florida’s meticulous Miami-Dade County - the single toughest standard of testing worldwide. Significant investment goes into testing systems under the toughest conditions – then testing them again!

Key Technical Details
Max Panel Weight: 115kg
Max Panel Height: 3600mm
Max Panel Width: 1200mm
Min Panel Thickness: 35mm
Max No. Panels: 16 (8 left, 8 right)
Max Opening Width: 16m
Finishes (Hardware): SSS, PVD Brass and Bronze
Finishes (Sill): Natural (Milled)
Finishes (Tracks): Natural (Milled), Gold Anodised and Bronze

Centor E3 Folding Door System

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