Q-Wood ClickIn Staff and Parting Bead

Requires ClickIn holder

Qclik parting and staff beads complement Qwood’s already popular range of putty line and lambs tongue glazing bars to retain the traditional beauty and contemporary look whilst delivering an enhanced finish to your sash windows. Qclik parting and staff beads seal your windows securely.

Parting and staff beads – we all use them in our sliding sash windows so what makes the innovative Qwood Qclik parting beads so unique?

1) The material that is Qwood: Wood composite material with all the advantages of timber but none of the issues.
2) The fixing method: Positive click fixing guarantees accurate secure location every time without the need for unsightly troublesome pin holes.
3) The Security: The unique design of Qclik makes unauthorised removal more difficult.
4) The Serviceability: Qclik patent pending (GB15204332) design allows for damage free removal and refitting of staff and parting beads by maintenance teams in the future.

Qwood is recommended for use in the conservation of your sash windows. The Qwood conservation sash range consists of the following:

1. RNZ2148 (QW-BB4) External putty line bar
2. RNZ1774 (QW-LB1) Lambs tongue internal bar
3. RNZ1771 (QW-OB1) Ovolo internal bar
4. RNZ2167 (QW-CPB8) 8mm Qclik parting bead
5. RNZ2168 (QW-CSB20) 20mm Qclik staff bead
6. RNZ2169 (QW-SC1) Qclik Clip

Please Note: Use a metre of clip per metre of bead.

Q-Wood ClickIn Staff and Parting Bead

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