Xylo - Joinery Workshop Consumables

Xylo Workshop Consumables

Timber inspired and quality driven, Xylo is a range of products with the joiner in mind. Included in the range are everyday consumable products that are essential in any joinery workshop.

Wood Adhesives

Wood Adhesive
Within the Xylo J-Series joinery adhesives range is a product for every application. Each product is available in a range of sizes making them suitable for workshops large or small. Included in the range is:

Wood Screws

Yellow Passivated Wood Screws
A range of screws designed for use with a variety of timbers and suitable for a range of conditions and includes:

Concrete Frame Screws

Xylo Masonry Screws
Xylo Concrete Screws offer rapid and effective anchoring system for fixing into concrete, brick, stone, concrete block and wood

2-Part Wood Filler

Wood Filler

Xylo F2 2-Part Styrene Free Wood Filler is a pre-coloured high strength polyester wood filler Supplied with a separate hardener this wood filler provides a strong high quality repair to wood imperfections.

Xylo F2 wood filler is availble in the following colours.

1-Part Wood Filler

Wood Filler

Xylo F1 1 Part Wood Filler is a pre-coloured, fast drying, high strength polyester wood filler, used for the filling and repair of small pinholes and cracks below 5mm depth.

Xylo F1 wood filler is availble in the following colours.

Jointing Biscuits

Jointing Biscuits
Available in a range of sizes, ideal for strong, fast and accurate jointing.

Workshop Maintenance

Machine Bed Lubricant
A range of products designed for the joinery workshop including:

Flat Packers

Flat Packers
Resistant to weather, long lasting and durable, flat packers help make your installation more secure and stable and are perfect for levelling.
Available in mixed packs or individually packed in boxes of 1000.

Masking Tape

Masking Tape
Xylo T5 Premium Masking Tape. A high quality masking tape for clean removal and sharp edges.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes
Xylo W1 Multi-purpose Cleaning Wipes. Heavy-duty trade cleaning wipes ‘developed to clean tough stuff’.

Isopropyl Cleaning Alcohol

Alcohol Ceeaner

Xylo W5 Isopropanol. 99.9% Alcohol, perfect for cleaning timber and glass when mixed 50:50 with water.