Winkhaus AV4 AutoLocking Multipoint Lock

Automatic multi-point locking - Locks as soon as the door is closed!

The Winkhaus AV4 is the latest innovation in automatic multipoint locks for timber doors.

Key Features

  • Winkhaus is a market leader in producing innovative security solutions to meet the changing security and ease-of-use requirements.
  • The Winkhaus autoLock AV4 is an slam shut multi-point locking system that when the door is closed, the security hooks are triggered by a magnetic release located in the centre keep, securing the door.
  • The magnetic release, activates the locking mechanism and thereby prevents damage to the door frame and minimises the locking sound when in operation.
  • Optional daytime latch integrated into the keep enables temporary flexible entry and exit without the use of a key.
  • Option to be paired with electronic features and access controls.

Innovative hook design

The new hook design have brought added benefits to the AV4 including:

  • Non-Handed - The locks are no longer handed and the striker latch can be easily reversed.
  • Increased installation tolerance - reducing the need to adjust the lock during the life ofthe door, saving time and money.
  • 40% Lower Operational Forces - The new hook profile reduces friction against the keep, making it easier to unlock the door using a key / thumbturn.

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Key Technical Details

Backset: 35, 45mm and 55mm
Profile Centre: 92mm
Groove Detail: 20mm Euro
Lock Throw: 25mm
Handle Height: 1050mm (recommended)

Winkhaus AV4 AutoLocking Multipoint Lock

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